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  • Deploy the 3 C's of Ethical and Effective Persuasion
    Learn the 3 C's and how to Deliver Them Seamlessly
  • Biology-Based Success Principles    Learn why we Must Adopt These Principles in the 21st Century of Selling
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Persuasive Selling Strategies
What are the secrets to successful selling ?
Have you ever thought you delivered the world’s greatest sales pitch ever only to be shut down? Heather answers why it happens.

People are inundated with messaging and pitches for everything along every medium. How do you get your message through to your ideal client among all the noise?

Using the Seven Selling Secrets and the 3 C's  to Ethical and Effective Persuasion you will move  your ideal avatar from lead generation  through to satisfied customer simply and without them complaining about "Being Sold".

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Heather Wagenhals is truly amazing. I was doing well in my area of expertise, medical sales, but I felt I could perform even better I just didn't know how. What I did know: I was leaving money on the table. After learning the Seven Selling Secrets and deploying them successfully, I am on track to make 7 figures this year!

What was most significant is how Heather qualifies prospects with her "RAW" system. All prospects are NOT created equal and Heather nails how to handle each one differently. Thanks Heather! 
Daniel Reda Guaragna Reda Sales Academy
Daniel Reda Guaragna Founder of
I believe in the value Heather and the 7 Selling Secrets brings so much, I incorporated it into my Top Gun Sales Academy.
Marty Logan-Top Gun Seminars
Marty Logan, President Top Gun Sales Academy
We were blown away with the custom presentation from Heather, Turning Critics Into Converts. We were thrilled to learn how to grow our organization using the 7 Selling Secrets methodology in our recruitment.
Matthew Nye Republican Liberty Caucus
Matthew Daniel Nye, National Chair, Republican Liberty Caucus
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